Welcome to Ultra Start

At Ultra Start we take great pride in developing the latest and most advanced products available on the market today. Our products are not only easy to install and operate we have engineered them to last!

Our XR Series remote's are made from high quality plastic's surrounded by a polished metal case making them the most indestructible remote on the market!


Ultra Start is in a league of its own with features like a direct link data port (dldp), output overload protection system (oops) and an intelligent auto tach / tachless learning system (ultra-tach). This advanced system offers numerous programmable outputs, allowing the system to satisfy even the most demanding custom applications. The XR-PRO Series is simply the best overall series of remote starters and alarms available anywhere.



Unauthorized Dealers & Online Sales

AST, the manufacturer of Ultra Start finds it necessary to alert you about unauthorized "Retail Outlets" and "Online Stores". These companies are attempting to represent themselves to you as Authorized Ultra Start dealers, offering manufacturers warranty and tech support. AST does not condone the above mentioned sales practices and does offer warranty or support for these products. Consumers that purchased products through these methods should consider “Buyer Beware".

Ultra News

  • Feb 21, 2012

    Ultra's Tracking System and Smart Phone App to be release later this year.

  • Feb 27, 2012

    Full Fortin and Idata link 2way will be avaiable on all models.

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