Remote Car Starters

The 1280XR-PRO offers all the features needed to provide a professional installation of a remote starter on virtually any automatic transmission vehicle.

This highly advanced model also offers additional auxiliary outputs for new vehicles and other custom applications. Our XR Series remote's are make from high quality plastic's surrounded by a polished metal case making them the most indestructible remote on the market!



The 1280XR-PRO Series features an

industry leading bullet-proof style metal

remote. The 1280XR-PRO series is in a

league of its own with features like a

direct link data port, output overload

protection and an intelligent auto tach /

tachless learning system.

Feature Sheet- Click Here to Download


Remote Start / Engine Idle Mode / Cold Start Mode / Power Door Lock Output / Power Door Unlock Output / Power Trunk Release Output / Negative Start Output / 2 AUX Outputs / Horn Honk Output / Park Light Output / Starter Disable Output / Dome Light Supervision Output / Drivers Door Priority Unlock Output / Panic Mode / Car Finder / Ignition Auto Locks / Silent Lock and Unlock / Antenna Status LED