Remote Car Starters

The 1172XR-PRO is the ideal remote starter if your vehicle is already equipped with a factory keyless entry system which has the remote built into the key. This model is also great if the remote start feature is all you need. Don’t let the compact 2 button design fool you, this remote offers amazing range, up to 2500ft* and all of the features needed for a professional installation in today’s advanced vehicles.


The 1172XR-PRO Series features an industry leading bullet-proof style metal remote. The 1172XR-PRO series is in a league of its own with features like a direct link data port, output overload protection and an intelligent auto tach / tachless learning system.

Feature Sheet- Click Here to Download


Remote Start / Engine Idle Mode / Cold Start Mode / Power Door Lock Output / Power Door Unlock Output / Power Trunk Release Output / Horn Honk Output / Park Light Output / Starter Disable Output / Dome Light Supervision Output / Drivers Door Priority Unlock Output
Panic Mode / Car Finder / Ignition Auto Locks / Silent Lock and Unlock / Antenna Status LED